Core  Values

1. Integrity: It is essential for IHG to present itself and act in a way that is ethically, morally, and undivided from honesty. We will act consistently when it comes to honesty and transparency, even if we perceive it to jeopardize a business transaction. 

2. Relationship: When it comes to how we relate to each other internally, as well as others that we work with or interact with: We commit to being respectful, honorable, slow to speak, quick to listen, and as understanding as possible to each other and their viewpoints. When it comes to our business, we will err on the side of relationship, and not business. 

3. Growth: IHG believes that as the person grows, so does the business. We will offer the managing partners and everyone involved in IHG an opportunity to participate in growth oriented activities, both personal and business. There will be a culture of growth that should be embraced within the company and its individual participants. 

4. Accountability- We embrace the opportunity to stand for and be held accountable for our actions, both corporately and individually. We will have the courage and honesty to accept responsibility for our decisions. 

5. Social consciousness - As an organization we aim to have an impact on social issues that affect the lives of others. We will, as a group, give back to our communities; with no expectation, but for the good of society at large. We understand the inherent responsibility to reinvest into the communities where we participate.

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